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How to support artists (without spending $)

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How to support artists (without spending $)

I’m lucky in that a lot of my friends and family support my art business. But what happens when their walls are full and I’m telling them about an upcoming show (and I can tell that they want to roll their eyes)? Here are some ways that you can support me – and other artists – without having to spend a dime.

Tell your friends! Maybe your walls are full but you can always tell your friends about paintings that you like, or invite them to an art opening or festival. Word of mouth goes a LONG way with art. Here are my upcoming events.

Follow on social! Most artists (including myself) are pretty active on social media. Liking, sharing, and commenting on posts helps draw attention to the art and gain new followers. If you’re not already doing so, here’s my facebook and instagram. You can also follow me on pinterest or subscribe on youtube.

Show us your art! Take a picture of your new painting, note cards, etc. and share it with your friends. I love seeing my paintings in their new home, or someone enjoying my puzzles or coasters.

Tell us about it! Write a review on google, facebook, or etsy. (this goes back to the word of mouth thing) If you think it’s great, perhaps others will too!

And if you DO want to support an artist monetarily….

Gift art! If your walls or full but you’d still like to buy something, buy it for someone else! Maybe you have a graduate in your family, a housewarming to go to, or a wedding coming up – all of these events are great opportunities to gift someone artwork. You can even commission artists to paint a photograph that you have, so then you’ll have a special piece to treasure for years to come. (email me if you’re interested)

Become a patron of the arts! Many artists have supporters or patrons who help them fund their art, whether it’s for supplies or fees for festivals (these REALLY add up). I have a Team of Ducks who sponsor me, and in return I give them artwork. Their support is so important to me; it helps me to actually profit from my shows and not go into debt doing them (framing is expensive!) More information about my Team of Ducks here.

No matter how you decide to support artists, I want you to know that we TRULY do appreciate you. You are the ones who make it possible to utilize our creative outlets, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rocky Mountain National Park

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I’m really excited with how my latest National Park series turned out! I try to paint a variety when I look at the parks and this was no exception. I felt like I just had to paint the elk – you can’t visit Rocky Mountain NP and NOT see the elk! I really like the painterly style that I did that one in as well.

“Waiting for the Clouds to Rise” was tricky – it’s tough to paint mountains when they’re covered by clouds, so I kept working in and out of it and I think I finally achieved what I was going for.

Each one of these paintings invites the viewer to step inside, to follow the trail, to take a hike and go exploring. And I love that. Prints available here; original paintings here; note card sets here.

To Help the Ukraine

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do to help the people of Ukraine. I’m not one for painting flags, but I realized that these 3 original paintings are representational of the Ukraine flag (blue and yellow). All 3 are for sale on my website and 75% of the sale of the original paintings and 100% of sales of prints will be donated to the Red Cross in support of the Ukraine people. The paintings are 9″ x 12″ and are available unframed ($200) or in a 12″ x 16″ frame ($275). Prints are available in 8″ x 10″ ($55), 11″ x 14″ ($85), and 16″ x 20″ ($125). Thank you for your support.

Click here to buy Convulsive Motion original painting; here for print.

Click here to buy Fervent Uproar original painting; here for print.

Click here to buy The Road to the Clouds original painting; here for print.

Metal Prints!

I absolutely love my metal prints. Limited supplies in sizes 5″ x 7″ or 9″ x 12″, they’re museum-quality fine art glossy prints on aluminum. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily – just avoid direct sunlight. Includes a float mount hanger attached to the back of the print, so that it floats 1/2-inch off the wall when hung. No frame necessary! And now through Valentine’s Day, receive FREE SHIPPING on any metal print! Enter code METALFREE at checkout.

Bryce Canyon in Snow

I have always wanted to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, and I got my wish last February. We parked the car and walked over to the edge and I just started giggling. OH. MY. GOSH. How could something this breathtaking actually exist!!! (and it WAS breathtaking – it was 3 degrees outside!!) We piled on the layers and hiked down into the canyon. It was such an amazing day. We only saw 1 or 2 people walking up as we were walking down, and then we had the canyon to ourselves for the day. What an incredibly magical place! I can’t imagine it without snow, or with crowds of people. It was just phenomenal.

Painting snow in the desert is fun too because it takes on a bit of the red/purple of the rock. Snow is NOT white. I so enjoyed painting this series; each painting transported me right back to that spot, to that time. Where we were having lunch and when we stood up, our emergency blanket that we’d been sitting on took flight, and my husband chased it as the wind danced around with it, poor Kenny post holing it in snow up to his knees! (we did catch it – no littering in the park!!) Or the hoodoos that sometimes felt like we were in the game Candy Land! My absolute favorite though was the amphitheater. This was such an incredible landscape to tackle and I’m so proud of how it turned out. The amphitheater painting sold (of course!) but the others are still available, as well as prints, note cards, and coasters.

If you’ve never seen Bryce in snow, put it on your bucket list!

Molas Pass Paintings

It’s funny, I was at my last holiday art market of the year last weekend, and a woman asked me if I had any paintings of Molas Pass. I replied with a blank stare. I completely forgot what paintings I had of Molas! I had a metal print of “Purple Mountain Majesties” on the wall so I pointed to that, but forgot to show her my puzzle of “Sunflowers at Molas”. Ha ha!

So I went through my files and turns out, I DO have paintings of Molas Pass (one is actually this month on my calendar!) What is Molas Pass? It’s about half an hour north of my house, high in the San Juan National Forest. Motorists can reach the 10,970 foot summit between Silverton and Durango on Highway 550. We have to stop there almost every single time that we drive by, so it’s no surprise that I’ve painted it a few times now (more to come, I’m sure!)

“Home Sweet Home” is the only original painting still available, but you can always order prints on my website.

Quacking Christmas Cards

Did you receive a quacking Christmas card this year? If you did, were you able to guess the song? Each card is a different traditional Christmas song. (tip: the image is a hint to the song!) If you’d like to play along, enter your guess below, along with the number of the card (1-6). I’ll randomly draw from the correct answers and the winner will receive a free set of coasters featuring some of my pastel paintings. Contest ends 1/1/22. (I’ll also post the answers so you don’t spend all of next year quacking away!)

Thanks for playing and Merry Christmas!

My Heart Belongs to Acadia

Jacques Cousteau once said, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

I firmly believe that. I had never painted the ocean before I visited Acadia National Park in Maine. (Well, I suppose I did paint it when I was in college in Sarasota, FL, but not as an adult). And I’m hooked. Our visit to Acadia was spent mostly in fog. We hiked to the tops of mountains, only to barely be able to see our hand in front of our face. We picked a morning time to go to Cadillac Mountain (you can only go by timed permit) and were disappointed when we arrived because it was completely enshrouded in clouds. Just as we were about to walk away though, the clouds blew off and we were able to see the view – only for about a minute! We were so excited, quickly snapped a bunch of pictures, and then waited for it to happen again. And it did!!

Luckily, in the early afternoon of our last day, the fog finally blew out. So we jumped in the car and hurriedly drove around to see all of the things that we had missed – namely, the ocean! We hiked down onto the rocks and just sat and watched the waves crashing in. And it was wonderful.

I have to mention the magical forests of Acadia though. We were so lucky to take one trail that no one else was on. It was this special gift of the woods and we appreciated every second of it, down to the fairy house that we discovered at the end.

Most of these original paintings are still for sale (although I don’t know if I want to part with any of them!!!). Prints, note cards, journals, and coasters all for sale in my online store.

And yes, I will be painting the ocean again soon!

A Visit to Zion

I have always wanted to visit Zion National Park. 2021 was my husband and I’s 20th anniversary. We’d been home for what seemed like forever and I refused to stay at home for our anniversary. I found a travel deal to go to Zion that had a 24 hour cancellation policy and I jumped on it.

Zion is only about 7 hours from me and it was a beautiful drive through the (sometimes snowy) desert. We spent our days exploring and hiking, sometimes on trails that we probably shouldn’t have been on without rappelling gear (hindsight!) and other times deciding not to proceed further because we didn’t want to fall off the icy trail and die (hello Angel’s Landing!) But I loved the tranquility of the park, the rocks, the snow. We were able to get away from people, even ploughing our own trail in knee deep snow.

Zion – we’ll be back!

(original paintings, prints, note cards and more for sale at my website.)

Exploring Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef National Park is a relatively unheard of one – and I don’t live that far from it! We visited last March and pretty much had the park to ourselves. There wasn’t a fee station or anything; we even laughed and wondered if it was truly a National Park!

We had now been to the other 4 parks in Utah, and we were pleasantly surprised with this one. For me, it encompassed all of the variety of rocks in the other parks but still had it’s own uniqueness (and the fact that there weren’t any crowds – far from it – made it all the more better!) We could be walking on the white sandstone and in the distance see the red rocks. (You would think that I would have learned a lot more geology after living in the Four Corners for the last 15 years, but “red rocks” it is.) Further in the distance were the snow covered Uinta Mountains.

My favorite painting of this series is the “Twisted Juniper”. I don’t know how many pictures I’ve taken over the years of the gnarled trees in a desert landscape, but this was the first one that I painted. If you look closely you can see the different colors and lines in the wood. I’m always fascinated by the patterns that these trees have. I was also intrigued by the bush in the lower right hand corner – I hadn’t seen this bush before and it was really neat. After researching, we discovered it to be Buffaloberry. We weren’t there when it was blooming but it was still pretty nonetheless.

I always enjoy the striking colors of the rocks when the sun is rising or setting, or even the shadows of the clouds on the rocks. Painting this was a challenge, as there are SOOO many colors in the desert and it’s hard to capture them all.

You can take home a part of the park with my National Park series – original paintings, prints, note card sets, and coasters, all available in my online store.