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I’m an illustrator/graphic designer/and sometimes photographer living in Southwest Colorado. Originally from Missouri, I attended Ringling College of Art & Design for illustration, but worked at CNN after college doing graphic design. I’m an avid painter, painting in acrylics and incorporating collage elements. I’ve illustrated two children’s books, Mommy, Do You Love Me? and I Love You More…Than Chocolate. For more information or to view samples of my work check out

Cindy Coleman

Photo by David Halterman


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  1. Dear Duck Girl,

    This is one of the most excellent blogs on wordpress.

    I’ve written a children’s book about squirrels and unicorns. You don’t perchance do squirrels and unicorns, do you?

    Also… in your humble opinion, how many people would you say could safely fit in one hot tub before the fire department has to be called in?

    Thanks for your help with these pressing issues.

    The Management
    Unit 21
    “Keeping the Art World Safe”

    • Squirrels and unicorns – sounds interesting! And if the people in the hot tub are in water, why would you need the fire dept? I think as long as they’re all good friends, you can fit in as many as possible!

  2. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…


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