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New Year = New Life (Butterflies all around)

I finally broke out the paints again! Inspired by a project for the William & Joseph Gallery, I’ve been painting butterflies. The gallery is sponsoring an auction to benefit a local women’s shelter, and asked that the artists decorate or make serving trays. I found a battered one at the local thrift store, and after much love transformed (ha ha!) it into a lovely butterfly serving tray. This spawned other ideas for butterflies, so I also painted “Butterfly Dreams” and “Time for a Snack”. All 3 paintings are en route to the gallery this week, courtesy of the lovely Miki Harder. (if you’re interested in purchasing any, please contact the William & Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe).

Time for a Snack

Time for a Snack

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Tray

Butterfly Tray


Christmas Card Trivia 2014!

You know the drill! Enter your guess for this year’s song and you could win an original┬ápiece of art! You may only guess once, and all guesses must be posted to this blog. Winner will be announced December 24th. Good luck!


82 ounces!

So no one was anywhere CLOSE to guessing my question of “how many pencil shavings does it take to illustrate a children’s book?” Kelley Roberson was closest with 18.7 ounces. It came out to be a whopping 82 ounces!! And now, what to do with all those shavings? Hmm…I think I see another project…ImageImage

How Many Pencil Shavings for a Children’s Book?

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How Many Pencil Shavings for a Children's Book?

Let the contest begin! The children’s book is coming along and the pencil shavings are piling up! Enter your guess (in ounces) as to how many you think there will be when I finish the children’s book. (this picture is halfway through). The winner will receive a FREE book when it’s published this winter. All guesses must be entered by 9/30/13. Tell your friends!

Finally – an update!

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Well it’s been EONS since I’ve posted an update, but I’m posting to say that I’ve finally updated my website after many long hours. Whew! What an undertaking that is! I’ve created a stack of work in the last few months and just haven’t had a chance to post about it! The Durango Wine Experience, The Cortez Cultural Center Birding Festival, The Durango Film Festival…lots of ads (will try to remember to post those soon), new logos, LPEA Annual Report, new menus at The Irish Embassy Pub, new Honeyville catalogs (should be out any day!), the labels for the newly introduced Colorado Honey (whiskey – if you haven’t tried it, visit the factory store for a sample!!!) So thanks for sticking around duck fans, and if you get a second or two, peruse the site and tell me what ya think.

Christmas Card Trivia

After years of listening to you all struggle, spending your days quacking, I figured it was time to give you an easy card to guess. Seriously folks, I don’t think it gets any easier than this one. So easy that I didn’t even feel the need to quack! There should be record entries this year! Rules are: You may only guess once. Correct guesses will be entered into a drawing and one lucky winner will win an original Duck Girl Art painting!! Guesses must be posted to this blog to be entered. Drawing has been extended to Dec. 26, due to unreliable postal employees… Good luck!

Christmas Card Trivia 2012

Those crazy bicycle boys

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting John Rubano – actor, musician, comedian, and historian. One of the many items in Rubano’s repertoire is being one of the writers (and stars) of the beloved play “The Bicycle Men”. The play came to Durango this summer as part of the Pro Cycling Challenge, and played nightly to a sold out crowd. I worked with John in creating the poster design, ads, and postcards, and have since worked with him and fellow performer Joe Liss on designing their print material for the performances in other parts of the country. If you get a chance to see “The Bicycle Men“, you MUST check it out. You won’t regret it. (and John – I still want a copy of the soundtrack!!)

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