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New paintings – hooray!

I’ve been dabbling in watercolors and ink and pastels – oh my! Having lots of fun experimenting, but also gearing up for the 5th Annual Super Amazing Art Show and Sale! (August 23, 3-8pm at 537 Jackrabbit Trail, Durango, CO 81303) Here are a few that I painted yesterday (crazy busy day!!) To view all of my recent paintings, visit my website

View-from-the-Top Theyre-Small-to-Your-Eyes Sitting-Pretty


Cindy Coleman and Tiffany L. Lee Exhibit works at Wildethyme Art

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In time for the Crane Festival, Wildethyme Art will host a reception for Mixed Media artist Cindy Coleman of Duck Girl Art in Durango and sculptor Tiffany L. Lee of Monte Vista 5-7Pm, March 12, 2010 at 1631 Grande Ave.  These works will be available through April 3, 2010.

Coleman’s skilled mixed media animal portraits are smart yet whimsical. Her grasp of visual detail is balanced by her equally sensitive grasp of line, texture and color.  Every image is a visual feast that satisfies and leaves the viewer smiling if not laughing. Her animals have verve, personality.  In her artist statement, Coleman tells a story of her art school days where she had a season pass to the local animal refuge, spending long passages of time there “drawing spider monkeys, crocodiles, lingering amongst the flamingoes. But of all the animals I drew the most were the ducks—I find them incredibly entertaining…Painting ducks quickly led to painting other animals. I love to try to capture the personality of each one, their own unique style.”

Coleman uses found objects in her work as well. “I’ve always collected “stuff” and so the collages became a fun way to incorporate all the goodies and use them in new and exciting ways.”

Tiffany L. Lee is a both a quilter and bronze sculptor. She says of her work, “Quilts are traditionally given as gifts.  They are a labor of love and a symbol of the relationship between the quilter and the recipient.  By translating the quilts into metal, I am taking utilitarian objects and making them into permanent tributes to that spirit of charity and affection.  The act of transforming the quilt into metal takes the quilt out of its original context and negates the use of it as a blanket to give warmth and comfort.”  

Lee’s work is fascinating for their transcendent, textural appeal. They have a sensual and dynamic presence rarely found in either a traditional bronze or quilt application. The complexity of the work defies their intimate scale and truly must be seen to appreciate and experience.

This second reception marks another hallmark for the gallery as it doubles its floor space with the expansion of the second floor.  Wildethyme Art now has dedicated gallery and studio spaces for ceramics, fiber, traditional, fine craft media, rotating exhibits as well as a classroom space for ongoing public workshops.  The workshop line up of classes currently includes hand building with clay, papermaking, portrait quilting, traditional and freeform knitting, needle felting, tatting, music lessons, yarn painting, book making, spinning and weaving. 

Gallery director and artist, Laura Murphy is moved by the number of family members and friends that have given so freely of their time to make this vision a reality. “I am especially grateful to Denny Wallace, Roger and Marian  Schlagbaum, Paul and  Crystal Mascarenas, Jim and Jane Rhett, Wanda Smith, Anthony Lopez and many more for their time and efforts to make this happen. So many people and organizations have inspired us to stay motivated along the way. It has taken over four years to get to this place and it is nothing short of thrilling to share people’s excitement when they visit. Just yesterday, a new patron to the gallery said ‘this place has the potential to light a fire in the valley, to inspire so many people.  I can’t think of much that would make us happier than to bring to inspire another person to find their creative spark.”

A new show and reception will open monthly. Murphy confirms that she has booked the gallery for the next year with a even mixture of valley artists as well as many nationally recognized painters and fiber artists. Another for art will go out soon for the September show called “The Art of the Sweater”. Murphy hopes to attract an assortment of traditional and conceptual interpretations of this basic garment so integral to the fiber arts. She plans for this to be an annual event as well.

Other plans for the gallery are to improve the landscape by planting a dye garden for textiles. She is also collaborating with local found object sculptor and “farm artist”, John Patterson to install several larger scale pieces for sale on the exterior grounds.  Wildethyme Art regularly hosts the works of many local and national artists including Stained Glass Artist Kay Malouff, Ceramicist Sharon McCoy, Fibers Sculptor Elizabeth Morissette, Quilters Beth Wheeler and Peg Collins, Ceramicist Linda Pacheco Demski, Woodworkers Alex Colville and Roger Schalgbaum and many others.

 For more information about Wildethyme Art and how to get involved there, show your works or take a class, one can visit or call 719-850-0114. Murphy also teaches Art History, Art Appreciation and fibers at Adams State College so Wildethyme Art is currently open Thursday through Saturday until summer.

Wildethyme postcard

New artwork listed for sale

Artwork makes great gifts for the holidays! I’ve uploaded more art (and lowered prices!) – view my work for sale at Each piece is one of a kind – the photographs are the only prints available. You can purchase directly from the site using paypal, and shipping and handling are included in the price. Please email me with any questions –