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Why You Should QR

As a designer, many people are asking me about QR codes. I’m no expert, but here is the synopsis for the everyday person.

QR stands for Quick Response. QR codes are the only universal 2-D barcode, are free to generate and free to read. That’s right – FREE! Using your smartphone, you can download a QR reader for free (just google it). You can generate a QR code by using any of the free generators out there (I prefer Just type in the web address (or other place you’d like to send the person scanning the code to) and it instantly gives you a QR code that you can download, save, and put into your print collateral.

Important things to remember: have great context and content – send them somewhere appropriate with content that delivers value. You can use QR codes to tell your customer about events, specials, coupons to download, photos, behind-the-scenes information, send them to a video or educational piece, give them a photo tour, purchase items…the possibilities are endless. My favorites are grocery shopping at the subway station, a virtual tour of Central Park,  and Macy’s Backstage Pass.

Want to know more? A great blog that I’ve found helpful is They recently posted “Over the next 5 years, QR codes will develop into the most universally recognized prompt for mobile web use in the world. You can bank on it. Ignore this fact at your own peril.”


About duckgirlart

Originally from Old Mines, MO, attended Ringling College of Art & Design, worked at CNN Atlanta for 7 years, currently residing in Durango, CO. My business Duck Girl Art has been going strong for 3 years now - I do graphic design, illustration, and art, all under that tradename.

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  1. Thanks Cindy, you really explained it all so well! I never knew that they were free and that I could literally used them for anything. Thanks for taking the time to teach our group this, you are a kick-butt resource for all that is graphics and marketing!!

  2. Thank you Cindy. I have been wondering how to create a QR code and now I have the lowdown.

  3. Cindy,
    This is such great information. I never knew that QR codes were free until you shared that with us at the meeting yesterday. I can’t wait to put this knowledge to use!
    Sahara Mendez


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