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The Royal Lineup

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So I was painting what I thought were Emperor Penguins when I found a postage stamp in my collection that said “King Penguins”, which I thought was a total mistake so I looked it up. (I paint from my own photos so you would think that I would have paid attention to the sign but I guess I was too caught up in laughing at the penguins – and holding my breath because of the smell in the penguin house). Apparently, king penguins weigh about 33 pounds, second only to the emperor penguin. I learn new things every day…

The Royal Lineup


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Originally from Old Mines, MO, attended Ringling College of Art & Design, worked at CNN Atlanta for 7 years, currently residing in Durango, CO. My business Duck Girl Art has been going strong for 3 years now - I do graphic design, illustration, and art, all under that tradename.

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