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I call this one “One of These Kids is Doing His Own Thing” – remember the old song from Sesame Street? There are 4 frogs on individual 3.5″x4.5″ blocks. Obviously it’s the yellow frog that’s doing his own thing, as he’s facing a different way than the others. Some could argue it’s the green or the red frog though, as they don’t have spots and the others do. Make of it what you will!frogs

So my plan is to leave the animals for awhile and move on to other subject matter. We’ll see how well I do exploring that!


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Originally from Old Mines, MO, attended Ringling College of Art & Design, worked at CNN Atlanta for 7 years, currently residing in Durango, CO. My business Duck Girl Art has been going strong for 3 years now - I do graphic design, illustration, and art, all under that tradename.

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